You've been doing your thing and taking care of business, but you recognize that your next level is calling. You'll need to sharpen your focus and  step up your accountability to launch your next big idea. 


Now announcing Boss Moves Boot Camp: a group coaching experience for aspiring changemakers like YOU who want to stop second-guessing themselves and  step up their leadership.


Sharpen your focus, eliminate your excuses, and find the clarity, confidence, and courage to share your work with the world.

Consistently produce quality work, without spending HOURS brainstorming, even if you feel blocked.

Recognize opportunities  that are worth your time, and easily say no to anything that would distract you.

Trust yourself to take the right action.


We'll cover the following topics (and I'll sprinkle some bonus content throughout):
1-Take off your cape and try on some boundaries
2-Less hustle, more flow: Unlearning Burnout Culture
3-Setting the tone for the life you want
4-Creating New Standards & Training the People Around you To Respect Them
5-Overcoming Impostor Syndrome by remembering your magic
6-Positioning yourself for a powerful legacy
7-Priming your brain for success on your terms
8-Building your personal power practices
9-Listening in & trusting your intuition
10-Having hard conversations
11-Walking your talk as a woman of influence
12-Locking in your next level


Program Structure:

Starting on December 7, we'll meet every Monday and every Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm Eastern time, for 12 weeks. Most of the magic happens in session, but  if you happen to miss a live training, you can  always review the course notes and ask your questions at the next Q&A call. Plus, you'll get a floating "On Track & In Alignment" private coaching call and access to unlimited audio message support  from your enrollment due through the end of the program. 

Pay-in-full bonus:

Automatic registration into Purpose-Driven Powerhouse ($777 value) AND a free 90-minute Head Start private coaching call ($333 value)


Early Decision Bonus:

Enroll in Boss Moves Boot Camp on or before November 27 and you'll be entered into a drawing for my favorite Day Design & Power Practice tools (Morning Routine checklist, evening wind-down breakdown, habit tracker, and my favorite manifestation journaling exercises)

Stop second-guessing your work and OWN the gift that you are.

Stop settling for what you think you HAVE to do, and step into the work you feel drawn to.

Stop "waiting for clarity."

Decide that it's time to give your purpose work the attention it deserves! #BossShit

Decide to Succeed 90-Day Program: A private coaching container designed to help you transform the way you see and speak to yourself, so you can take back control of your time and meet your most ambitious goals without burning yourself out. Decide to write new rules. Decide to see things differently. Decide to succeed!


This program is by application only.