Meet Adama

You can't be on purpose and in burnout at the same time


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Your brain's job is to keep you safe. YOUR job is to train your brain to work with you. MY job is to teach ambitious, mission-driven women like you how to overcome SuperWoman Syndrome, perfectionism, and self-doubt so they can enjoy a delicious life of freedom, purpose and IMPACT. 


I'm a recovering overthinker and a burnout survivor. 

I know how it feels to be terrified of making the wrong decision. 

I've felt the healing power of firm, self-honoring boundaries.

And I know that all the "free time" in the world won't help if you haven't learned to manage your mind and protect your energy.

I trained my brain to stop trying to impress others and design a life that impresses ME. Through private and mastermind coachingdigital courses, and training, I help visionary women leaders like you to do the same.


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