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Wondering if working with me is right for you, here's what  previous clients had to say....."

People pleasing is a part of my past. I feel triumphant over my triggers. I am FREE.

Dr. Nikki Brooks Seevers, PhD

It's amazing how you can walk around and not see certain things about you.I used to be so grateful for any form of support that I'd accept deals, services, and collaborations that didn’t serve me any benefit. Being clear on exactly who I am and what I bring to the table has cleared the way for organic relationships and opportunities that continue to be life-changing. I have Adama to thank for this.

“This no longer serves me,” “This is unacceptable,” and “I am not interested” are all statements that I am empowered to say out loud and with confidence. My time and money are precious resources and are not made available to just anything or anyone. I DO NOT repeat myself. I DO NOT cower under pressure when my mind is made up.

I'm comfortable trusting myself now, and I’m much less likely to look for validation in my day-to-day decisions. I've been going with my gut, and I trust myself to know what's too much and what's acceptable for me.Needing to slow down to problem-solve doesn't even feel like an issue anymore; I definitely stop and regroup when things don't feel right. I am super free. I don't turn my nose up at who I used to be, but I love THIS. Adama, I hope you never have moments questioning whether you're good at what you do. You are life-changing!

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