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The era of the overworked SuperWoman is long gone; the world needs a NEW kind of leader. I believe that success doesn't require suffering, just INTENTIONALITY. You have what it takes, but you're too drained to step up. Let's change that.

Can you relate? 

  • Your default answer when people ask how you're doing is "Busy."

  • You know you need to slow down, but  it's hard to just relax when there's so much to get done.

  • You have a vision that deserves your full attention, but "life" keeps getting in the way

  • You're tired of having to be SuperWoman and ready to just be YOU

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Find Your Fierce: How to Find Your Voice, Take Back Your Power, and Do More of What Matters 

a bite-size training that offers a new paradigm for women's leadership. This mini-webinar will reveal:

  • The #1 mindset shift you'll need to make to stop struggling and start living

  • 3 things women of influence do differently

  • 6 ways to invite more freedom & ease into your life

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Meet Adama


I know that it's possible for women to lead powerfully AND live well.

I believe that there are only 2 things required to manifest big goals: 

A willingness to see things differently

and the courage to have uncomfortable conversations. 


You are a changemaker. That means that you're an ancestor-in-training and LEGACY IN MOTION. You can't afford to waste another moment downplaying the difference that your gifts make in the world. I'm passionate about showing women like you with big hearts and big dreams  that building a powerful legacy is not as complicated as they may assume.


Here are just a few of the labels that inform the way I approach my work:




Daughter of  West African immigrants

Recovering overthinker

Burnout survivor




Lifelong learner


Through private and group coaching, workshops, training, and guided inner work exercises, I teach my clients and students how to manage their minds so they can enjoy EXPONENTIAL growth.


It's time to stop the negative thought spiral and approach your work like you KNOW you are powerful. I would be honored to guide you on this journey. 


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